Echinacea Herb, for natural immune boost

In your body, the therapeutic action of Echinacea works by increasing the number of Immune Cells and enhancing the amounts of natural chemicals and making them more active.

Naturally Remove Tatoos Without the Pain

One out of three people regret getting tattoos and this has spawned a huge industry for laser tattoo removal resulting in scarring and can be very painful. There are natural ways of doing this that are pain-free and leave no scarring. Lemon Juice with Salt:  A mixture of lemon juice and salt is a great…

Halki Greek Diabetes Remedy to Lower Blood Sugar

These are 11 herbs and spices which will positively impact your blood sugar levels. These precious substances are packed with diabetes-fighting, blood sugar reducing bioactive compounds. These herbs were used in a Greek Diabetes Remedy to lower the blood sugar of one woman and change her life. Download this free book to learn more about…

Herbal Tooth Powder

To stop the inflammation and gum separation use this natural remedy to kill some of these bacteria and strengthen your gums in your mouth by swishing and brushing with this Herbal Tooth Powder.

Rosemary Remedies

Rosemary herb makes a very good remedy to boost brain power and memory.

Cayenne Extracts

Cayenne Pepper Extract Recipes. Cayenne can stabilize blood circulation and boosts any other herb it is used with.

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal Powder is an incredible tummy tamer. Because it is so black doesn’t mean it’s bad. Looks bad, but it is a Godsend as a remedy.