Red Clover Herbal Tea as a Blood Cleanser Remedy

Red Clover is a blood cleanser as well as a natural blood thinner and is full of nutrients, especially for women. This is a simple and delicious way to use the blood cleansing Red Clover Herb. Drink it hot or over ice.

red-clover plant.gif

The best part of this herbal tea that is so good for you, is that you can gather the pink or white clover blossoms in the fields. They grow wild everywhere. Grab the blossoms (with some potent leaves) dry them in a shaded area under a fly screen, (not in the sunshine because we want to preserve the delicate essential oils that are so good for us) and keep it in a container in the kitchen handy for an everyday cuppa wellness (with some delicious and good for you honey).

Making the tea with the fresh blossoms will be a new experience. It tastes so fresh and “green”. Gotta love it!


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