Naturally Remove Tatoos Without the Pain

One out of three people regret getting tattoos and this has spawned a huge industry for laser tattoo removal resulting in scarring and can be very painful. There are natural ways of doing this that are pain-free and leave no scarring.

Lemon Juice with Salt:

 A mixture of lemon juice and salt is a great home remedy to get rid of unwanted tattoos naturally. Salt is an abrasive and has sodium and chlorine contents that deeply penetrate the layers of the skin. This remedy fades the ink color and removes the tinting layers. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent with a natural detergent which can fade the ink. Mix 100g of salt with some fresh lemon juice to make the thick paste. Use a cotton ball to rub the paste for about 15 – 30 minutes on the tattoo on your skin. Rinse off the skin with warm water and cover for 1 or 2 days to prevent infection in the abrasion. This is also celled salabrasion and it typically takes weeks to lighten and fade the unwanted tattoo.


Honey is a great exfoliator of the skin and can lighten and brighten the skin as well. It has been known to remove scars and smaller light colored tattoos. Honey has antibacterial properties to ward off infection. It detaches the skin cell linked with ink of tattoos. Mix two tablespoons each of honey, salt, aloe vera gel, and yogurt. Use this thick pulp to smear on your tattooed skin. Continue this procedure for 30 minutes at a time.  Apply honey many times a day to your unwanted tattoo to lighted and fade it. This remedy also gives your skin a natural glow.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another common household item that can be used to remove permanent tattoos. It’s known to lighten the ink or the pigmentation ink of the tattoo to a certain extent. You can use this solution over the tattooed area after you scrub the area with salt.

Natural Alternative Tattoo Removal

There are other ways. A tattoo artist, Dorian Davis, has developed his own way of getting rid of tattoos naturally. You can read about it here. Looks very impressive and should work very well. Being tattoo artists they have first hand knowledge of the laser option that is so invasive to get rid of unwanted tattoos, really painful and has the potential of infection and scarring. You can read about this option here …

Here’s how Dorian explains accelerated exfoliation

Did you know that your skin exfoliates on its own, without you doing anything? It’s true, in fact the layers of skin that you see are actually dead. That’s why you can rub a fingernail against your skin and not even feel anything. But if you push deep or use the sharp end of a scissors, it’s a different story. You’re going to feel it, and it’s not going to be pleasant. In fact, you may see some red. You didn’t strike oil, but you dd strike living skin cells.

Accelerated exfoliation gets to that layer. I does so by doing something the body normally doesn’t do on its own — it increases the rate at which living skin cells die and rise to the surface.

Now, this may sound like a bad thing, but the other side to the exfoliation process is that young skin cells mature to take the place of the ones on the layer above them that much quicker as well. So there’s no harm, and you get the added benefit of bringing up the deep subcutaneous skin layers that normally don’t exfoliate at all.

These are exactly the layers that tattoo artists target as they embed ink. This is why tattoos hold for a long time even when the top layers of your skin do not.

You can see where this is going. To remove the tattoo, we need to exfoliate deeper layers than normal. Here’s how: First we use various ingredients to enhance skin exfoliation, Then these deeper layers come to the top. The ink trapped alongside the deep layers comes up as well and wipes off with the brush of a towel.

Of course all of this is an abbreviated explanation and it’s not going to happen that quickly, in fact it takes weeks. But when you compare that to the much slower “vaporize, scar, heal, and vaporize again” laser approach to ink removal, who in their right mind would choose laser?

Now you know why the only people choose laser removal either don’t understand or have never heard about natural deep exfoliation. It’s just plainly a better method for tattoo removal.

Thankfully you don’t have to make that mistake. If you don’t already have a copy of the Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide, everything you read here is in there, including the details on how to get it done with skin safe ingredients from your grocery store.

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