Share the Herbal Love

Do you know anyone who knows how to use herbs and natural cures?

It’s easy to build up your knowledge of the wonderful life-giving properties of herbs, even their very smells are used in aromatherapy. Our bodies are very sensitive to the altering effects of herbs. Learn to use them. They are good like a medicine.

It’s also easy to learn to grow your own herbs to use in cooking, salves, teas, tinctures, etc. Or you can buy dried cut herbs and powders from wholesalers. Talk to others. You will discover gems of knowledge from the most unexpected persons. Share your knowledge too. Elderly folk have a wealth of information about herbs and natural cures. Natural cures can be fun and can help you make friends!

I love lavender.

Lavender is so easy to plant and look after. It flourishes year after year, has a lovely, soothing scent, is known to induce relaxation, and keeps the moths away. Put a lavender plant on your kitchen windowsill and fill sachets of lavender blossoms to put in your cupboards.

An elderly friend saw that my hair had been losing its luster. And she said to take one egg yolk, olive oil, juice of one lemon, mix it together in a bowl, and use my fingers or a basting brush, to rub or brush the mixture thoroughly onto my scalp, around the hair roots, and onto the hair. Then wrap a towel around my hair for two hours, then rinse with lukewarm water and shampoo as usual. I followed her instructions and sure enough, my hair shiny and had more body than it has had in a long time.

You can learn about natural cures by improvising with things found at home. Did your face ever feel like an elastic mask? I needed something to soothe and moisturize my skin. – I found that yogurt was the perfect solution. After rubbing some on my face and letting it soak in, I felt and looked twenty years younger.

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