Understanding Salt

Is salt that bad for you?

Not if it’s good salt.

There’s good salt and bad salt? Yes. The one that’s bad for you is the most widely available sodium that is highly processed and bleached and that will drive up your blood pressure relentlessly, and it also has added anti-caking agents to “let it flow”.

Now, the good salt is full of naturally occurring minerals and the more minerals, the better the salt. Your body desperately needs trace minerals to function properly, and sodium alone just does not hack it. Sea salt, Celtic salt, Himalayan Pink salt and other high mineral salts are actually nutritious to the body.


The more potent herbs have long, far reaching root systems that actively search out and store the minerals from the soil and these minerals do wonders in your body when it comes to healing and nutrition. The right kind of mineral salts your cells and provide trace amounts of essential minerals that help your body to work right. It’s that simple. Use good salt for better health.

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  1. Thank you for your explanation, making this clear and easy; shorter than I would have thought. I have felt what comes from nature is good and we is manipulated much or artificial, is not. I am glad to confirm it is true and can convey it to my parents easily. When I heard people thinking that all sugar was bad, for example, I knew key words were steering people wrong. Fruit is always good! Now I know all my parents have to do is buy sea salt. We haven’t used any in years; just pepper and a multitude of other herbs. Good article! Carolyn.


    1. Admini says:

      Thanks for your encouragement on my article on salt. Yes it can all be simple. We have found that the best natural salt is Celtic salt. Its grey and wet and full of goodness.


  2. Hi oneanna65 Very interesting. Thank you for liking “Excited!”#TheFoureyedPoet.


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