Ginger Root the herb for warmth and goodness

Ginger warms the extremities because it is a circulatory stimulant.  You will feel this immediately when you eat Ginger.  It feels warm in your mouth, then the warmth is felt in your tummy, and you will even feel a warming in your limbs.  This is great for people with poor circulation as it warms up your cold hands and feet.

Ginger eases digestive problems and is well know to ease nausea and travel sickness, indigestion and even increases appetite. Ginger tea, capsules, ginger candy seems to have proven themselves more effective that motion sickness tablets.

Ginger also helps to get rid of mucus and eases coughs and even relieves deep-seated respiratory congestion of bronchitis. Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory remedy.  It alleviates inflammation and pain of sore throats, asthma, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.

Ginger has been used historically as an aphrodisiac because it stimulates circulation and promotes energy and movement. Because Ginger warms your extremities, it stimulates sweating and this can help break a fever because sweat cools the surface of our skin, which will lower the internal body temperature. Ginger also helps your blood platelets from getting sticky so it makes the heart’s task easier to pump your blood and has been shown to lower cholesterol in the blood and the liver.

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