The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal Powder is an incredible tummy tamer that absorbs morbid yuck and gets rid of gas and pain. Because it is so black doesn’t mean it’s bad. Looks bad, but it is a Godsend as a remedy.

We are not talking charcoal briquets! We are talking about a fine ingestible black powder that you can get from the pharmacy or health food store, that is made from burning specific materials like coconut shells in a vacuum and then ground to a fine black powder, which powder can be ingested or used as a remedy on or in the body.

This powder is also used in water filters to clean impurities out of the water but the activated charcoal in the water filters might not be food grade.

You could use it as capsules or tablets because then it’s easy to handle without the mess and staining it tends to cause. But the powder itself is very effective as a tablespoonful mixed in a half glass of water. It is non-systemic (doesn’t affect the blood) and it draws out all the morbid matter, toxins, and gas, and escorts it out with the poop. Great for a diarrhea remedy or gas and bloating.

BUT … it is very messy as a powder and it gets airborne so it can make you choke. Handle slowly and carefully because it also stains everything. But oh, so worth the effort. Almost a panacea.

The activated charcoal powder is very effective at drawing out bacteria and toxins from anything, so effective in fact, that you can put a charcoal powder paste on the skin as a poultice and it will draw the morbid matter out through the skin. Fold the charcoal mud into a cotton cloth or paper towel, cover with plastic to protect clothing from staining from the black juice, and wrap it up with a bandage to keep it warm. Change every 3 hours or so, or when it’s dried out. This is an amazing remedy. Activated Charcoal has well deserved its accolades as a water purifier because it is a champion absorber of all things yuck, leaving us with all things good.

A word of caution with Activated Charcoal. It is such a great absorbent that when you eat it, in your tummy it will absorb the good and the bad, it can’t tell the difference. So it will also absorb any medication you have taken. It will also absorb any vitamins you have taken or the nutrients of food you have eaten. But if you take it once a day at night, say, it can do good work while you sleep, and the rest of the day your body can utilize your food for nutrition and you can safely take your medications, herbal remedies, etc. And … Your teeth will bear testimony if you drink activated charcoal powder without rinsing your mouth out after – with a black smile – good for your mouth but not good for your looks when you smile! It has been said that brushing your teeth with activated charcoal makes your teeth white over time – Just remember to rinse before you smile!

It is used a main standby at the ER. If anyone has overdosed or drank poison and it would do more harm than good to force them to vomit, then Activated Charcoal is administered to absorb the drugs or poison. It can work quite like a miracle where poisoning is involved. Should be a remedy included in everyone’s first aid cupboard in the kitchen!

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